Canadian Stock Exchange

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Listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange(CSE)

Smaller Emerging Companies (“SMC”) in both the United States and Internationally are finding it harder to raise capital and find liquidity for their shareholders. There are many reasons that constrain these smaller emerging companies in the US and Internationally, including among others: The listing requirements for US and International exchanges are out of reach for SMC and the filing fees and annual maintenance fees are prohibitive. US exchanges are highly regulated making the cost burden unmanageable for SMC Lack of liquidity for shares of SMC traded on the OTC Markets and the negative sentiment towards the smaller OTC Markets where many SMC trade due to costs associated with up-listing. These are some of the common reasons why SMC are now starting to look at Canada as a viable listing option. The Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). The CSE can provide a platform for US and International companies to list in Canada and to provide liquidity to shareholders and access to needed capital.

Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. with the various Attorneys and Accountants can assist your company with a listing on the CSE.

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