Investment Strategy

We are a Corporate Finance/Business Consulting Firm

Our Investment Strategy

Our mission is to seek out private companies in the United States, Canada and Internationally and bring them public in the US and/or Canadian marketplace primarily via Reverse Merge, Reg A+ and self-directed S-1 Registration or through listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). Since the CSE is an International recognized exchange it can lead towards cross listing opportunities in the US markets and other International Exchanges. We also assist the company in raising debt and equity financing. Raising capital for small and medium-size enterprises (SME’s) in the current global economic climate is challenging. Sophisticated corporate investors, in general and established investment institutions in particular, are insisting on hybrid structures (debt/equity) as a way to protect their investment capital when the funding is private. Exceptions to this dynamic exist when the company being funded receives investor “bridge” equity with “piggy back” investor registration rights prior to filing for full listing status. However, to go the route of being a public company can be difficult for SME’s, especially if you take the traditional approach of an IPO (Initial Public Offering).